Thursday, June 25, 2009


Our practice is one of very few in the California to offer this fantastic technology to our patients!
We have been utilizing the BIOLASE WATERLASE dental laser in thousands of procedures since 2002. The BIOLASE WATERLA
SE dental
laser allows us to treat many dental problems WITHOUT the need for shots/needles/anesthesia, drills, or painful surgery.
The WATERLASE dental laser is a fantastic tool for not only removing decay/cavities but also in painlessly treating gum disease without resorting to invasive surgery.
We also use THE WATERLASE dental laser for correcting GUMMY SMILES in our cosmetic cases. Again, we gently use the dental laser to correct excessive gum tissues so the final smile is balanced, beautiful, and symmetrical. A simple topical anesthetic gel does the trick- so no "shots" or "needles" are necessary.

The following is an actual patient case, where we used the WATERLASE dental laser in our smile design procedure:

J.P. was interested in improving his smile. He presented with 'old, worn-out, and stained composite/white bondings on his front upper teeth(see before pictures). He was also a rather heavy 'grinder'- and his grinding habit had made his teeth look very short, and worn-down.
He also had a 'gummy smile' which further made his teeth look round and overly short.

We used the WATERLASE dental laser to gently reshape his gums, allowing us to lengthen his teeth without making them look too long. Without the WATERLASE dental laser, J.P. had to be referred to a gum specialist/periodontist to correct his uneven gumline- this would require painful gum surgery, where he would have to heal for almost 8 weeks before starting on his cosmetic makeover.
J.P. was ecstatic with his new smile, and he was even happier about the fact that it only took two short visits to complete his smile makeover. He is no longer shy about smiling in pictures- in fact, his job, as a wedding coordinator, is much more enjoyable, since he is much more confident with his new, radiant smile!

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